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EXPO Estonia Pavilion


The set presents the reproduction of the EXPO Estonia Pavilion

Theme "Gallery of"

Estonian pavilion “Gallery of” is designed to introduce it as a young, dynamic and rapidly developing country in northern Europe. Pavilion features more than thirty Estonian companies, Estonian music together with singing revolution and Arvo Pärt, Estonian design and culture, street food restaurant and a Rye bar with Nordic food and drinks inspired by thelocal nature. The pavilion is a melting pot for the high-tech and low-tech, presenting Estonia as a dynamic little country where ancient traditions and unspoilt nature fuse with technological innovation like digital signature and e-residency.
The pavilion comprises three floors of shifting wooden blocks stacked on top of one another as modules – ‘nesting boxes’ which together make up the Estonian gallery. It is filled with swings hanging between the boxes. Visitors can transform the kinetic energy created by themselves into electrical energy by using these energy swings on the ground floor and gives people an idea of how much energy is required for simple, everyday things – recharging a phone, turning on a light and more.

On the ground floor is an Estonian street food restaurant, an information kiosk and a souvenir stand. Six ‘nesting boxes’ make up a gallery which gives visitors the chance to find out more about Estonia.

On the first floor is an exhibition showcasing fields that are important to Estonia. Here visitors have the chance to find out all about Estonian achievements and success stories in a range of areas. The first floor also hosts a bar dedicated to rye and craft beer – Ryebar: Estonian craft beer and spirits.

The second floor features a slice of Estonian nature, including plants and trees characteristic of the Nordic countries. On this floor visitors also have the chance to find out about Estonian birds and observe the day-to-day lives of animals in Estonian nature through hidden cameras. The crowning jewel of the Estonian pavilion is its showcasing of a sport invented by Estonians – kiiking.  
Pavilion architects/designers 
Architects: Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid.
Authors: Ott Kadarik, Mihkel Tüür, Tanel Trepp, Kristi Tuurmann, Kadri Tamme, Uku-Kristjan Küttis, Kaarel Kala, Alari Orav, Karlo Funk, Ants Uustalu, Helen Sildna.

The set consists of about 923 pieces

Size 35 X 19 H 16 cm

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