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Mech Ops Team 1.


This is my project proposal. the set would contain 4 mechs (as seen in pictures), additional pieces to customize the spec ops mech(furthest to the right/ the white one), weapons for each of the mechs, an extra jet-pack for the spec ops mech (furthest to the right/ the white one) and an extra jetpack for the airborne mech(second to the right/the grey one). The jetpacks are swappable as are the shoulder pieces for the spec ops mech.

From left to right grunt mech, airborne mech, heavy armor mech and spec ops mech.

Also there is some color variation on some mechs the airborne and grunt mech have the right colors for the heavy armor use the colors of the right leg and left arm and the yellow pieces would be red. and the spec ops mech would have grey arms not green and red.

 I have pictures showing the customization such as the 2 combining rifles, the swappable shoulder weapons on the spec ops mech and the swappable jet-packs. On the spec ops mech's legs there is a hachet, a blaster and a grenade (grenade= the flick missile with the orange pipe around it).

Hope you enjoy and thank you for taking the time to have a look at this project.  

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