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Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time: Chess Set


Almost to 100!

This project is almost to 100 Supporters, first of all thanks for the support! I will resubmit this project with much better pictures, so stay on the look out. 





Thanks for 60 Supporters!

Thank you to everyone who supported this project! I've finally reached a milestone I've never done with one of my Ideas projects 60 supporters. Thanks again and please continue to support/ share with other fans of Legend Of Zelda! Thanks again! :)


New Update Coming

An update is coming to this project, but it will not be until a couple of days. Thanks for all the support!


Thanks for 30 Supporters

Thank you for all your support for this project, I understand that we only have a year, but I belive we can do it if we share with all the LOZ websites we can. Also check out my Windwaker chess set if you like this one. Thanks again for the support!

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