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Soyuz Rocket


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The Soyuz Rocket

Spacecraft have always fascinated me with their sheer size and power. I thought it would be cool to recreate the Soyuz Rocket in Lego. 


The iconic Soyuz Rocket first launched in November 1966. The rocket is considered one of the world's safest spaceflight vehicles ever created with an unparalleled length of operational history. Soyuz spacecraft were used to carry cosmonauts to and from Salyut and Mir Soviet space stations and is now used for transport to and from the International Space Station.


When creating this model I decided on a 1:193 scale, based on the 2x2 round brick to keep the proportions as accurate as possible. There is a total of 141 pieces in 4 main colors. This model looks realistic from all angles and would make a great display for any desk or bookshelf. 


width: 5.1cm

length: 5.1cm

height 23.6cm

pieces: 141

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