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1989 Style Batmobile


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 This is my first ever Lego project ever! Unfortunately, my computer is only allowing me to put up my main picture, so i will explain everything on the Batmobile here. In Batman 1989, directed by Tim Burton, he created this Batmobile. His work inspired me to create this into lego form. I tried to include most of the features it had. Such as...

  • Cockpit slides down to the engine piece
  • grapple gun on the right side of the Batmobile
  • The left and right side of the car detach, to create the Bat-rocket
  • After burnner
  • Steering wheel and computer piece inside the car

I hope you guys support this, because i would think it'd be awesome to see this on store shelves. I also hope you guys will enjoy the build as much as I did!


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