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Modular Gym

This is the LEGO Creator GYM. It fits perfectly to the other LEGO Modular Series like Town Hall or Palace Cinema.

The GYM has 3 Floors.
First Floor:
Sauna, Shower, Bar for Sport Drinks, elevator and a Machine to buy SoftDrinks.
At the Green Sign in the front of the Building must stand "GYM"
I have to change that some time and i will update the Image.

Second Floor:
A Sport Swimming Pool with 3 Lines und 3 deckchairs for Relaxing and of course the elevator.

Third Floor:
A boxing ring and two Punchbags. 4 Cardio Bikes and 2 treadmills and the elevator

The Roof:
On the big white sign it should be an advertisement for Sport food or something.

The Pictures are all screenshots made by me in the LEGO Digital Designer. If i rise 1000 Votes i will build the Modell and change the pics on this site.

more pics on flckr

VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!! :) Thanks

Sorry for my bad english, but i had an very bad teacher ^^

the Front

First Floor.

second floor

third floor