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The Shadow Flyer


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This is a small ship called the shadow  flyer. It's name comes from its black and grey colour scheme, (except the red outline on the wings because I didn't have the price printed  in black-could the Lego creators repair this mistake) The set comes with the ship the stand and four minifigures. Inside the main interior of the ship is a passenger bay with 3 seats and a small table. In the front there is a cockpit with two control panels and two levers and in the very back is a storage bay that can be easily modified to include whatever you want. All three sections have removable panels for easy access

I think that this would be a good Lego set because it is a new design of ship and it also comes with a stand which is good for display. I would like my mini figures to keep their rough designs but if changed for the better that would be good.