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STAR WARS - Aurek-class strikefighter - Knights of the Old Republic


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"The Aurek-class tactical strikefighter was the primary Republic starfighter. It was a 9.2 meter-long delta-shaped starfighter armed with two heavy laser cannons and two proton torpedo launchers. The fighter was capable of considerable acceleration and maneuvering, and had variable-geometry wings. They were easily refuelable and rearmable, thus driving down costs.

Several squadrons of Aurek fighters comprised part of the Republic fleet that attacked the Star Forge during the Battle of Rakata Prime. A number of these ships were used by Jedi Knights to land on board the Star Forge during the decisive strike against Darth Malak's Sith Empire."
(Source: Wookieepedia)

Manufacturer - Republic Fleet Systems
Estimated cost 360,000 credits

Technical specifications:

Length - 9.2 meters
Maximum speed (atmosphere) - 1,400km/h
Hyperdrive - Class 2
Armament - 2 Heavy laser cannons
2 Proton torpedo launchers
Crew - 1 Pilot
Passengers - None
Cargo capacity - 20 kg
Consumables - 1 week
(Source: Wookieepedia)

Please consider this project as complementing reekardoo's fantastic Sith Fighter project. Both ships could possibly launch a new series of Lego Star Wars sets, based on the Knights of the Old Republic series.

This project is based on one of my previous models I posted over at the Lego Star Wars Creations website.

The fighter should provide variable-geometry wings, which can completely retract to the sides of the cockpit.

Mini-figures could be either a unique Carth Onasi from KotOR or a standard Republic pilot (based on the minifigs from set 75001).

With the newly available iPad version, there will possibly be new players finding out about this great Star Wars RPG and some might actually be Lego fans too.

So, please support, and don't forget to check out reekardoo's Sith Fighter project too.

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