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Viking House


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Welcome to my Viking House! Based on my passion for the LEGO Viking's theme sets, I decided to dedicate some time and build the Viking House. It has been a while since LEGO hasn't officially released a similar set, thus I would like to make this finally happen. I am confident that there are a lot of Viking LEGO fans out there to support this idea and make our dream come true!

The Viking House is designed based on the traditional wooden Viking houses discovered through the North of Europe. I was also inspired by the Vikings' culture, naval influences and love for dragons.

I hope you like it and of course support it :)

The Set
This set consists of 2690 pieces, 6 minifigures and some new Viking decals. The main building/house has two different rooms: the central room with the fireplace for the Vikings to sit, eat and sleep and the kitchen with the stone oven to cook their meals.
One side of the house is forming a ship-like outline ending up to a dragon-head sculpture, following the original structure of a Viking house (ok, with a bit of imagination!). The roof of the house is built based on a unique architecture, forming a dragon-like outline from the back to the front side of the house.
A small pig farm is positioned just outside the house while a hut, to cut and save wood, is located at the back of the house.

The Figures
6 minifigures are included in this set:
  • Erik: the father of the family and legendary war chieftain
  • Astrid: the fierce wife
  • Oberon: the young prince
  • Frida: the warrior princess
  • Birger: the farmer
  • Bo: the fearless guard