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Indiana Jones- Celebrating 40 Years

Indiana Jones, one of the best movie trilogies of all time (Trilogy, we don't talk about the fourth one). It's crazy to think that after 40 years, all three movies hold up remarkably well. The stories and characters have been engraved in pop-culture history, Indiana Jones is truly special, and Lego knew that. Lego released a line of Indiana Jones Lego sets in the later half of the 2000s. These were awesome, the sets were so fun and full of detail and really did highlight the magic of the franchise. Unfortunately, the line ended due to the lack of relevance. However, I think it is time to bring the franchise back. With the 40th anniversary coming, I think it's a great time to make another Indiana Jones set. The one I have created is unique, as it represents all three films. Let's take a look.


The characters are one of the best parts of the trilogy, with their unique personality and their memorable stories. Each movie has three character representing their respective movie (excluding Indiana Jones himself, who is his on category.). Each minifigure has one accessory, enjoy!

Indiana Jones "Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes?"
Here's the man himself, Henry Jones Jr., or Indiana Jones, as most people call him. His design is relatively similar to his original Lego design, with the only difference being the face. He wears his fedora and his leather jacket, you're able to use his hair instead of the hat. He has his iconic whip and revolver, with a bag on his side.

Raiders of the Lost Ark 

Marion "You're not the man I knew ten years ago" 
Marion is wearing her outfit from the scene where they visit Sallah. She holds her medallion from the beginning of the movie.

Sallah "Bad dates"
This is the first time Sallah has been made in physical minifigure form. Sallah dons his outfit from The Last Crusade, as I find it to be more unique. His accessory is a shovel.

Belloq  “Dr. Jones. Again we see there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away.” 
Belloq has been regarded as one of the best antagonists in the Indiana Jones franchise. He is in his suit which he wears throughout the movie. His accessory is the staff used to open the Ark of the Covenant. 

The Temple of Doom

Willie “If you think I’m going to Delhi with you, or anyplace else after all the trouble you’ve gotten me into, think again, buster!"
There is not much difference in the old figure and the new figure of Willie. The face is the only difference, with more standard minifigure eyes. Her accessory is the Peacock Eye. 

Short Round “He no nuts, he’s crazy!"
The young Short Round has a similar situation with Willie. I was considering using mid-legs, but I think he looks a bit too tall. His accessory is a map.

Mola Ram "Drop them, Dr. Jones! They will be found! You won't!"
Mola Ram faced a heavy redesign, with new torso and new face. His accessory is a sword, used throughout the movie.

The Last Crusade 

Henry Jones Sr. “You left just when you were becoming interesting.”
The father of our hero, Henry Jones Sr. His outfit is based off of the first half of the movie, rather then the second-half where he takes off his jacket. He has a suitcase and an umbrella (not visible in images), two items he prominently holds.

Elsa "All I have to do is scream"
Elsa has a different face from her original minifigure, along with an outfit based off of the first part of the movie. Her accessory is the diary written by Henry Jones Sr. 

Walter Donovan “Germany has declared war on the Jones boys.” 
The first time Walter is in physical minifgure form, with his suit he wears for the whole movie. His accessory is the cup in which "he chose poorly".

The model

This model contains a section of a temple from each Indiana Jones movie. Raiders of the Lost Ark contains the Idol from the temple in the intro. It contains the tiles you need to step on to get to the treasure, but watch out for the arrow. The Temple of Doom contains the Temple itself, with cage held by the statue above the pit of lava. And the Last Crusade features the Grail room in the Temple of the Sun, featuring many of the fake grails and the knight's stand. Each of these are very accurate to their movie forms, and full of small details, with the ability to separate all three of the models.


Indiana Jones is one of the greatest movie trilogies, and it deserves to be celebrated, this capitalizes on what makes the movies amazing, and I think this would make a great set for anyone. 

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"It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage" Indiana Jones