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Lego Minifigure Battle Ground


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The Minifigure Battleground is a fun interactive arena for our cms minifigures,  Think of the possibilities, the Boxer vs. the Kick boxer, Karate master vs. the Sumo wrestler, Superman vs. Batman, Captain America vs. Ironman, the Barbarian vs. Roman soldier, the Pig vs. the Wolf, and other countless possibilities. There can only be one VICTOR!

The build is consist of 237 pcs.  8 pcs of those are from the minifigures and 19 pcs for the gear rack.  The controllers can move forward and backward and the lever can make the minifigures rotate.  A video will be uploaded later for demonstration.

It would be nice if they can add a referee and ring girl minifigures.

Thank you for looking and I hope I can count on your support.



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