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Forest Guardian


Nature is often a wild and unforgiving entity requiring a strong will and quick mind to tame. The Forest Guardian has realized the potential within herself and has learned to harness the strength of the wilderness to defend the land. Whether she is exploring the wilds in search of adventure, or to vanquish a threat to her home and animal companions, the Forest Guardian is a strong, intelligent and resourceful champion. 

This set is constructed around a forest theme, with the hollow tree able to be opened to expand the possibilities for imaginative play. Features the following:

  1. The Forest Guardian, a strong-willed, intelligent, and fearless champion.
  2. Three animal companions: the owl, hedgehog, and wolf.
  3. Two fungoids, magical mushroom inhabitants of the enchanted tree which could be the source of special knowledge or powers,  mischievous pranksters, or simple companions. The builder's options are limitless.
  4. Lunar orb, which captures the full moon's light, collecting it to mystically power the crystal torches in the tower's lower level and recharge the Guardian's magic wand.
  5. Secret door behind the equipment storage rack. Maybe a quick escape is needed, or those mischievous fungoids will use it to facilitate their never-ending tricks.
  6. Glow-in-the dark fireflies living in the upper branches.
  7. Multiple small mushrooms, hanging vines, a boulder, stream and two saplings add distinctive touches.

Simple enough for a child to build, the asymmetrical appearance and design are meant to encourage the creative side of the builder, to look at the model from many different angles and to interact with it in a manner which a symmetrical model would not encourage.

The look can be easily and drastically changed by simple alterations in tree coloring or leaf coloring as illustrated in the final two images included.

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