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TMNT Party Wagon


Dear LEGO and TURTLES fans!

Growing up in the 80s and 90s there is no doubt i am a big TURTLES fan.

I am pretty excited with the new movie coming soon and the new LEGO products.

Still, known for being oldschool, i was hoping for a classic approach on the TURTLES theme.

So here i proudly present my vintage retro TURTLES Party Wagon.

I think this would make for a cool LEGO IDEAS set because:

1) It is a classic vehicle like the ECTO 1 and the Delorean.

2) It is in a good pricerange for a LEGO Ideas set.

3) It has plenty of playfunctions and interior to fit all 4 TURTLES.

4) I did get plenty of comments from people who want this as a set.

5) Cowabunga!

So, if you also like the idea of this model, please support me!

Kind regards


Here a link to the gallery on my website:

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