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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider


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The “Giulietta Spider” is a car made by the italian brand Alfa Romeo, from 1955 to 1962, universally recognized as one of the most aesthetically and technically successful convertible cars.

Alfa Romeo, in turn commissioned by the American importer of the time, asked the two famous italian body shops Bertone and Pininfarina to make proposals for the style of the new car, and then the choice fell to the proposal by Pininfarina, which was more sober but more inspired to the italian tradition of the “cabriolet” cars.
The final result are smooth and uniform lines, a clean and balanced body, very large wheels; it has an extremely clean side view, without ribs and with curves that are gently connected on the two rear fins.
The front is the most charged element of the whole car, with the generously sized Alfa Romeo shield dividing the chromed bumper in two.

The origin of the name “Giulietta” is curious…but I think it’s very funny its association to an Alfa Romeo car, remembering in this way Romeo & Giulietta (Romeo and Juliet from Shakespeare).

My proposal is a “Speed Champions” model of this fantastic car. It was very difficult for me to translate with Lego bricks the gentle and smooth shapes of the Giulietta, as well as its perfect balanced beauty, so I tried to use somewhere some non conventional part (e.g. the barb pieces for the bumpers) to give the correct idea of the shapes and dimensions of each component of the car.
The car is obviously convertible: the roof can be easily removed in order to pass from the covered to the uncovered version.
In the front of the car is visible a sticker of the "Alfa Romeo" emblem.

Two minifigures can be seated in the car (the Giulietta spider is a two-seater car).

I used totally 270 parts.

The dimensions are:
width: 8 studs (6,3 cm - 2,48 inches)
length: 22 studs (17,5 cm - 6,9 inches)

It shall be noted that the landscape baseplates included in the pictures would not be part of the set; I used them just for pictorial reasons. 

I’m sure in Italy everyone knows this car and I think it would be great to have a Lego Speed Champions set inspired to one of the most famous italian cars. It would be source of pride for me and for all the italians. Here in Italy Alfa Romeo is the synonym for sports car par excellence and there are a lot of a very passionate fans.

I think that also in the rest of the world there are many people who already know Alfa Romeo and the Giulietta, being this car known all over the world, or who will be able to know it thanks to this Lego set proposal, which probably may further spread the italian spirit too.

It’s certain the perfect aesthetic impact of the Giulietta, which perfectly represents the idea of the vintage convertible cars.

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