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Rowing Club


Rowing was born in ancient times and has evolved through the ages. Before being considered a sport, rowing was primarily a means of transport. It was not until the 1700s that rowing actually becomes a recognized sport. Rowing officially appeared at the Olympics in 1896. Sport is to propel a boat with oars. The boats several rowers require perfect synchronization.

The model I propose is achieved through my experience of rowing in a club, but also through the many video documents or texts that I could see on the rowing in the world.

The model includes the club with :

- A mezzanine with terrace overlooking the lake

- Boat racks

- Boats : two skiffs and a double

- Rowing storage racks

- Two movable doors

- An entrance

- Two launching pontoons

- A tent and a podium

The lake is proposed with an eight rowers boat and coxswain, the configuration of the rowing aera reminiscent of The Royal Henley Regatta.

Piece count : 2866

Hoping that you like this idea , and that you will support me, I wish you a happy new year, and many good things for 2016.


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