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The Snowman and the Snowdog


The Snowmans got the moves!

Playability is a must for any great LEGO set and this set is great for display and for playability! Below are a few of the poses of the Snowman as you can see there are many possibilities for play and display! Please let me know in the comments if you like and please continue to support and share with anyone you think would like this set!


Half way to 1000 goal and Staff Pick!

Its been a great week with getting Staff Pick and also getting to the half way mark on the 1000 goal! I will be working on more renders the next few days showing design features for the set in more detail and how this set works for a great display piece and also a huge playability factor! Hopefully the support keeps coming and we make have a chance of hitting the 10,000 supporter goal for the 10 year anniversary of The Snowman and the Snowdog Christmas 2022!


A 360 video of the Snowdog!

A 360 video of the Snowdog showing its features!


The Snowman and the Snowdog Set Video

I have made a video which shows people the Snowman and the Snowdog set and its features. The video can be watched below or click the video below to watch Youtube so you can all share it also!


The size of The Snowman and the Snowdog set!

Using the prototype build I did for the Snowdog these photos show how big the Snowman, Billy and the display base once all positioned are. These would make awesome display pieces and be great to play with!No description available.


Recreating Iconic The Snowman and The Snowdog Scene and 10 year Anniversary Goal!

Recreating Iconic The Snowman and The Snowdog Scene!

Next year 24/12/2022 will be 10 years since The Snowman and The Snowdog was released and this would make an awesome LEGO set to celebrate this!

I could not resist recreating the iconic scene from The Snowman and The Snowdog this just goes to show the playability of this set.


The Snowman Gets His Final Look!

After many hours testing various build techniques and making changes internally on the framework here is my final design idea for the snowman character that completed the set to a high quality level.

Snowman Upgrades Made

  • Improved body more round and hardly any studs on show, more height and stocky build shape to match the Snowman look better against Billy and the Snowdog.
  • Bigger feet and better legs that move back and forth in walking motion.
  • Arms that can move left right back and forth up down in all directions, these also can bend and twist at the elbow now to allow more ability to play with and pose the snowman.
  • A better shaped head structure to match the slight oval look of the Snowmans head.
  • New hat design with overlapping the head and internal structure giving a better natural fitting hat look wrapping around the head drooping over.
  • New scarf layout allowing the 2 hanging parts to look better also be able to be rotated.

If you like these new upgrades and the look of my final design for this set please do let me know in the comments and support and share with friends and family!


A clearer look at the set!

Here are a few images of the set with a high quality render all previous images will be updated to these new images once I am allowed to update and edit in about 20 days!


Introducing Billy to the LEGO set of the iconic cartoon the Snowman and the Snowdog

Introducing Billy to the LEGO set of the iconic cartoon the Snowman and the Snowdog. Been working on this character build the last few days and finally got it right with movement and looks great with The iconic cartoon with everyone's favourite characters the Snowman and his Dog. If you like the LEGO set please click support!


100 SUPPORTERS GOAL HIT! - LEGO Snowdog Poses!

We just hit the first goal of 100 supporters in the first 2 days!

Thank you to everyone that has supported so far please continue to share the project with anyone you think will like and keep supporting!

Here is a look at just a few of the poses of the LEGO Snowdog

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