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Planitary Lander

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With each continuing LEGO space product line that comes out, LEGO seems to be getting farther from reality. My project is of a one-man planetary lander that is based off of the moon lander that could be a possibility. The set would contain the lander, a peice of alien soil and rock, a minifigure, and accessories.

Land on a foreign planet and discover a rock. Use your shovel to dig away the rock and locate crystals. Place the newly discovered crystals in the lander's storage compartment. Climb in the cockpit and detect that the antennae is broken. Use the wrench to fix the antennae and blast off to space. Includes laser gun, wrench, a shovel, two crystals, and space explorer minifigure!

Please support! If I get enough supporters, I might consider posting a project line based off of this set.  


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