Product Idea

Flying Fox Park

Flying Fox Adventure Park

Get ready for an adrenalin experience on the trees of your favorite forest and just HAVE FUN!

Climb, challenge your balance on the moving tree trunks or fly on the pulley towards the next tree.

This is just one of the different set up you can play with this set as its modularity allows you to reproduce exactly the adventure park you have been with your friends or family just last summer!

We are a climber family, we like rock climbing, indoor climbing and forest climbing too; this idea came up to my 10 years old kid some months ago and since then we have built prototypes and worked on the rendering together.

I’m not a designer but I like Lego and I like to play Lego with my kids now as when I was a kid. This project has been special for us as we have spent together a lot of time thinking about the adventure park we have been, trying to reproduce it.

That’s the reason why I think is a good project: it allows different generations to have fun together. Effectively it is a kid’s idea to play with his parents … and this is the power of Lego, isn’t’ it?

So please give me your support, you may end up building your own adventure park soon with your kids or your parents whatever age you have and they have.