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BMW 2002


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BMW 2002 Turbo

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Built in Lego Digital Designer/Mecabricks by Marco. qm 

Rendered by Wlange and Technic Man

Very special thanks to Wlange and Technic, probably without their help you wouldn't be seing this awesome images.

Information of the 2002

Made in 1974, the 2002 Turbo was the first car made by BMW that had a trubocharger. This little 2-door car made more than 170 BHP, which on those times was a lot of power, still it was a nice car that you could use to go on a trip with your family on the weekend.

Information of the Lego version:

I designed this using techniques from the Lego Creator Expert sets, such as the Mini, VW Camper, Beetle and F40, so it would look nice if you placed it next to the sets mentioned before. It also features opening bonnet, trunk, doors, detailed interior and engine.


On the interior, it has 4 detailed seats, a straight 4 engine, and detailed dashboard. With a lot of space on the trunk and "glovebox".

On the rear, you will see the opening trunk, detailed tailights and even an exhaust!

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Also, building instructions here:

-Marco. qm