Product Idea |

Pinball Machine


This is the Legopinball machine! It uses working flippers, a ball, and interchangeable playing arenas. It also has a removable glass cover with a ball loading spot. My project is based off of the pinball machine. Which is one of the most famous arcade machines ever!

I decided to build the pinball machine because I have always wanted one of these things but they are so expensive. So the solution was Lego. I have always loved Lego, especially Lego games and machines, So I decided to create one! 

I think that this would be a good Lego set, because first of all, Lego has never made a pinball machine set before. Also more people would be able to enjoy the experience of pinball machines. This set is a medium level build, allowing people of all ages to have fun. Many people would really enjoy customizing the playing arena, trying it out, and playing it with friends and family!