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The Martian


Welcome to the red planet.

This is an updated model I made based on The Martian's Mars Rover 2 and Pathfinder probe that astronaut Mark Watney modifies (including removing the wheels) to communicate with NASA back on Earth after being left behind on Mars when his crew thought that he had died during a fierce storm.

Who could forget the potato farm that Mark Watney plants, being the best (and only) botanist on the entire planet Mars. He realises that he will starve to death if he doesn’t grow some food, so he creates a farm of potatoes inside the Hab and figures out how to create water to help them grow. 
Later in the movie, the airlock door is destroyed and the Martian atmosphere ruins Watney’s potato farm. He then uses duct tape and a tarp to seal the broken door.

If you look carefully, you will see I added Commander Lewis’ Laptop full of 80s and 90s Disco music, which was the ‘only’ music Watney had access to for his entire duration on Mars.

I also added Watney’s calendar tally to remind him of how many ‘sols’ he has been stranded on Mars, specifically in the Hab (a sol on Mars is similar to a day on Earth, being 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35.244 seconds). 
Watney lived in the Hab for a total of 461 sols before driving the Rover to his launch / rendezvous point at the Schiaparelli Crater, approximately 3200 km away.

I modified the Rover by putting the crane on the Rover’s extension to carry the Pathfinder and make it as playable as possible.

Pathfinder folds up for transporting, and then collapses when charging or being used to communicate.

The Rover’s front cockpit opens vertically, and the side panels and rear panel open up for playability and access to the interior.

The oxygenator can be removed to transport other goods if Watney doesn’t need extra oxygen to go on long journeys.

I made the animation with a Disco styled soundtrack I created called "Space Pirate Remix" for some entertainment.

The Martian is one of my all-time favourite movies, and I hope this model helps bring back some nostalgic memories.

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