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NASA Voyager 1 Space Probe


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I am a 13-years old LEGO fan. When I was 10 years old, I expected Voyager 1 to join the LEGO sets and be designed, and now I decided to design it by myself.

About the project

Why I designed Voyager 1:
•Voyager 1 is one of my favorite detectors.
•Expressing my love for LEGO and space.
•In memory of this great space probe.
The Voyager 1 I designed is equipped with a suitable base to display the work well.


The Voyager 1 I designed basically shows the details, including:
•3 Antennas
•Infrared radiometers and other three detection instruments.
•Electronic equipment and a metal record in the electronic information storage room
 (the casing of the electronic information storage room can be opened to observe its internal structure).
•The antenna and other instruments are movable, and you can display the Voyager 1 in the pose you think looks best.

This is the first LEGO ideas I designed, I hope you like it.If you like my work, don't forget to share it with your friends and please support me...Thank you so much!

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