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Batman V Superman Batcave


This is the variation of the bat cave in the new hit film "Batman V Superman". This set is Lego compatible and can be used for your own fun. it will come with 2 minifigures,  Alfred and Bruce Wayne. The platform on the bottom has a tool bench and also has a screen to show the bat mobile on screen. The platform also is also big enough to hold the bat mobile. the area on the right is where you can find the bat suit and the gadgets he uses. There is also the shrine to the second robin, Jason Todd. The staircase on the left leads to the building part of the cave. To the left is a crime investigation table and the bat computer. In the center is a tool table to put the bat suit that can rival Superman. and to the right is a workout area for the bat to stay in shape and fight crime. I hope this set can reach 10,000 supporters so that it can become a set for all to enjoy and to get the better details Lego would want to add to any open areas. 

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