Noir Café

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The Noir Café is a place where strange things happen. It is a haven for mysterious people who spy and swap secrets under the cover of dim lights and loud music.

The main part of the Noir Café consists of a stage with upright piano and a microphone, a bar, and seating room for six customers.

Out back is a compact kitchen with its own exit to the back yard.

The Noir Café is a play-set designed very much for play and imagination. It has removable roofs for easy access. It has a back door from the kitchen with a knife conveniently mounted, ideal for getaways when the police arrive. It has two flat roofs with an open skylight should a rooftop chase be on the cards. The set includes five minifigs: A piano player, a singer, a mysterious stranger with a suitcase, a suspicious waiter and a dangerous chef. The set is made up of less than 700 pieces.

So come to the Noir Café; Live music, friendly staff and a fully stocked kitchen.