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ExoNova Headquarters!


I'm Back!!

   As many of you know, I had left on a road trip on august 8, during ExoNova Headquarters prime time, and now I'm back! 

   Thank you so much, for all your support so far, and now we are up to 73, the number of supports It had on the last submission! And we still have a month to get to 100, which is great news!

   Since I live in a tourist town, and tons of people come on the weekends, I plan to take advantage of all the foot traffic and promote my project! Its still in the works, though, and if you guys have any suggestions for the future of this project, please comment! 

   Thanks again!                -Legospacekid


Its Finally Here!!

The long awaited ExoNova Headquarters is here! Thank you friends for your patience, while I troubleshot for a month! But here it is, So feel free to support, comment, and stuff like that!

  Thanks again!                -Legospacekid

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