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Shakes & Fidget


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Shakes & Fidget

Shakes & Fidget is a fantasy-themed satirical 2D MMORPG that combines typical RPG features such as quests, dungeons, mounts, crafting with humor and sarcasm in a cartoony visual novel style game. I have played a lot with this game( I had at least 12 characters on different servers) so I have decided to make it from Lego, I hope you will like it.

My idea contains:
- the tavern's building, including the magical toilet
- the weapon and magic shop (with the witch's cauldron)
- the guild house and the city gate
- the tavern's staff, Shakes & Fidget minifigures
- the 3 classic heroes(the warrior, the mage and the scout) and a new one (the druid), so
 it's like an RPG party of 4
- fun