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Train Paradox 3.0 M:tron


Train Paradox 3.0 M:tron

You wondered what the M:trons had been making since 1990?
They were working on the time travel!


  • 1995: discovery of a new ore, the Temponium on a very distant planet. This is the beginning of their research of time travel.
  • 2005: Development of the temporal spider (Robot). Its function: to weave time thanks to the temponium.
  • 2010: Failed first time train, Paradox 1.0 is completely destroyed. The accident did not make any injuries.
  • 2012: The Paradox 2.0 is lost in time, probably in 50 BC
  • 2017: First successful time travel with Paradox 3.0. The train reaches its destination just before it leaves.

In the coming years, the M:trons will work on the commercial time travel : With M:trons, save time traveling!
(they also plans to retrieve the crew of Paradox 2.0)

I wished to realize a train M:tron ​​with full functionality. An RC system can be fitted on the train.

In addition to the train, I propose the small vehicle to transport the temporal spider, a time control tower, four minifigs and the spider.
The train can carry 3 minifigs. There are slots for tools, two magnetic crates and the temporal spider.
Access is very easy for the on / off button of the train.

I reused the M:tron ​​colors, the serigraphs of this time and the magnetic system. I'm sure this will be a good reminder to the 90s Lego player.

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