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Every day I eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner alone.

Every day I read many newspapers and books alone.

Every day I use my computer and cellphone to write some sad poems alone.

Every day I feed my nine cute pets alone.

Every day I write many letters and postcards to myself alone.

Every day I try to forget you.

Every day I’m just alone without you.


Every day I still miss you so much.

Every day I’m also alone without you.


This sad set includes:

  • 2 minifigures (a boy and a girl).
  • 9 animals (a brown dog, brown cat, white kitten, rat, white dog, brown puppy, hen, frog and a skunk).
  • house indoor and outdoor scenes.
  • a door, window, 2 desks, yellow chair, cabinet with opening drawers, map, wall clock and a whiteboard with some writings.
  • 2 different breakfast cereal, pure milk, chocolate milk, orange juice, 2 different soft drinks, pizza, pie, cookie, rice, sushi and a donut.
  • some newspapers, books, letters and postcards.
  • a computer, cellphone, yellow mug, green bottle, money paper and a coin.
  • a tree and some flowers.
  • a bicycle and a magazine.

I built this sad set because I like to make something different.

I believe this little set would be a great set because it is quite original, unique and creative. Besides, this set also contains some cool printed pieces.

I hope that all of you will like this little sad set.

Thank you.