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Lego Beach!


       This lego set is a fun beach that you can play on. It comes with three minifigures. A teenager girl with a swimming suit on, a teenager boy with a surfboard wearing a surfing suit, and another teenager girl wearing a swimming suit. This set has an umbrella, a surfboard, sand, water representing the ocean, and colorful towel. It is really fun to play with and even I would play with it everyday if it was really a lego set. The minifigures that are in this set really fit into the beach setting. It is a really fun set. It is a nice setting too.    

        Time to get swimming with this new lego ideas proposal to become a lego ideas set. This beach has nice playful sand that the minifigures can play in. Before I tell you more about this set I should tell you that if this set does come out on lego ideas you should get a platform. You don't have to. But it is good with a platform. It is nice to have for playing and for standing in your room so that other people can see it because it looks like a nice beach. If you do not want to go to the beach you don't have to because you have your own personal beach inside.This is why I want this set to become a real lego ideas set.