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American Fire Truck Pumper

Hello Lego lovers!

Representing to you my creation, model of a American Fire Truck Pumper in minifig scale. That means it can easily hold four minifigs in it's cabin (driver and co-driver and two in the back). Model is inspired by USA fire trucks.
Fire truck pumper means it have water tank in which is pumped water from hydrant and under pressure it forwards water in hose(s) which fire fighters uses to extinguish fire. It is fully equipped for heavy duty assignments. In it's equipment is, as you can see on picture, two big hoses, three extinguish hoses (one is spare), one pressure gauge when extending extinguish hoses, talkie-walkie and megaphone (placed in cabin), four helmets, four air tanks (two are spare), two helmets against smoke, crowbar, circular blade saw, wrench, two axes, two fire extinguishers, two nozzles, stretch ladders and chainsaw that goes in the back.
This creation is more realistic than Lego fire trucks and would be great for play or display!

Hope you like it and please support it that can be a set.
Thank you!

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