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Magic Shop of an Old Merlin


When Uther died it was Merlin who informed the barons of Logres that only a person, who could draw the sword from the stone, would be the rightful king. Merlin was largely responsible for putting the crown on Arthur's head. Some lords were discontent when only Arthur could draw the sword. Merlin was also involved with Arthur, providing strategy to win the war against the rebel barons. 

Firstly, I want to thank all those who supported my projects throughout my absence - you are amazing!:D

This project consists of 2938 bricks and 8 mini-figures:
- Merlin the Wizard
- Young Artuth
- Soldiers x2
- Tradesman
- Citizens x2
- Owl
House consists of 3 floors: 
The first floor - Shop
The second floor - Living room
The third floor - Bedroom 
Every floor and roof can be easily removed. The model is fully playable.

I hope you enjoyed


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