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Insecticide's Transformer Trike Vs. Dragon Fly


Click this link to see the video of the dragonfly's beating wings and the the trike's awesome transformation into a jet!

The second installment in the Insecticide series is here!

In this next set, an insecticide trike comes face to bug-eyed face with a gigantic dragonfly. In order to get past this ferocious monster's viscous spiked tail, gleaming fangs, and gigantic beating wings, our hero must take to the air, converting from a 3 wheeled land vehicle to powerful jet. Armed with insecticide laser guns and a powerful cannon, he can only hope that this will be enough to defeat the gigantic mutant dragonfly. Who will win?

Once again, this set is extremely playable, with a complicated gearing system in the dragon fly that allows for intuitive play with it's flapping wings, and quick transformation system for the trike that allows for exceptional versatility. Support today and make this the next Lego set!

And don't forget to support the first set in the insecticide series with this link:

Set includes:

  • Transforming Insecticide Trike/Jet
  • 1 Minifigure
  • Giant Dragonfly