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Astroneer - Ride the Rails

Ride the rails or take a rover and support this Astroneer Lego creation and help this become a real Lego set.

What is it?

This creation consists of one rail line, the rail engine, a medium rover with a rover seat and a medium solar panel that is able to fold up. There is also part of the landscape from the planet of Terran. The rail line is made to hold the rail engine on the rail and is a simple build that allows the rail engine to slide across. The rail engine is made where it can transport the player across the rail. The rail engine is made so the player can be easily seated and easily unseated. The rail engine has two blue lever allow the engine to move forward and backwards. As you ride the rails to the landscape it includes one single tree, organic, and resin, ammonium, and a research sample. The fourth picture shows what he has on his back. The white bricks are a worklight. The yellow bricks are resin. The second one is ammonium. The fourth one is organic. On the side of his backpack he has a terrain tool which is used to mine the resin and organic. These are the resources that he has in his inventory.

Why did I build it?

I have now been playing astroneer for two years now as it was released in 2016. Astroneer has taught me so much about resources and what it takes to survive. I built this because I want others to build a set that lets you explore the world of astroneer in real life instead of on a game.

Why do I believe this would be a good Lego set?

This creation would give you the ability to explore the world of Terran by building the rail engine and riding the rails or taking a rover through the landscape of Terran and going to mine the resin and organic. I want another Lego set that was based off a video game and I want astroneer to be that set.

If you want astroneer to become a real set share this with friends and support this creation!

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