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Workshop Raid

The Workshop Raid set is part of the new Time Defenders Product Collection. Some time in the future, a robot army was created for defense, all linked by a frequency code to each other and to the Central Program Unit (CPU). But the CPU experienced a mysterious glitch causing it to consider everyone an enemy. So the corrupted robot army began attacking everyone and everything they saw.

The youngest member of the Time Defenders is hard at work in his secret workshop building new vehicles for the battle to save the city. But a Robot Speeder with Army Drones attacks his workshop, and he alone must defend it before the TimeBots destroy the workshop, and all of his work.

This set is part of the new theme, Time Defenders, with 8 sets in all. I have uploaded all 8 sets to give you the chance to choose your favorite. Search TimeDefenders in the search box to see my other sets and discover more of the story behind the Time Defenders.

If you support this set, please also support the Time Defenders Theme project. Just search Time Defenders Theme to find it, or click on my username.

This is the workshop, you can open the roof and store secret equipment.

This is a picture of the boxes inside the workshop.

This is the Drones Speeder, is can hold the 2 Army Drones.

These are the Minifigs, 1 Time Defender and 2 TimeBots.

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