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Attack on the Castle Citadel!

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     Hello all! Welcome to my latest build: Attack on the Castle Citadel!
 Even a small citadel is able still to host great battles!
      Note: Every once and a while (Maybe every 1000 or 500 supporters) I will post a new update, including neat stuff like extra pictures, and extra fun facts about the build. So, if you want to see a new update, please support! And, if there is anything that you want me to include in the update, just tell me in the comments section!
       This build has a lot of neat features, including:

  -Realistic stone textured walls
  -Four royal knight minifigures
  -Four evil invader minifigures
  -Smooth curves integrated into the structure
  -Realistic terrain surrounding the Citadel
  -2828 total parts (I almost went over the piece limit -not quite, though!)

  I built this because I have always wanted to build a castle of some sort, but having lacked the pieces I decided to build this digitally is! Also, I really like building crumbling stone walls. :-)
   I think that this would make a great set because it has a wide range of playability. Will the invaders  take over the citadel and the land? Or will the royal knights fend them off and secure the citadel? Ultimately, that's up to you! 
    This would also make a great display piece due to the detail and architecture included in this build. 

  Please support if you want this to have a chance at becoming a real LEGO set! Also, please check out my other creations. Finally, don't forget to follow me because the I will follow you! 
   Have a great day! 

  -United Bricks of America
  And, thanks in advance to everyone who supports this! :-)