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Lego Dojang


Hey guys!

Throughout my long experience with Lego, one thing always seemed to be missing: Martial Arts. Unfortunately, these legendary fighting forms almost never get their own sets. So, I am setting out to fix that with this Lego Dojang: A Lego Taekwondo school. Modeled after my own school, this set features:

-3 minifigs: 2 students and a Master w/ nun chucks;

-3 targets: 2 small red and 1 large green;

-A shelving unit, complete with kicking paddles, practice boards, and an audio system;

-A waiting area, complete with a desk, chairs, and cubby;

-A bathroom;

-An American and a Korean flag.

Please note that this Dojang is not modular, as the necessary sidewalk size would reduce the size of the actual building to a less than optimal length.

A Martial Arts set is long overdue; please join me on the path to bringing this set to stores around the world!



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