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Star Wars Assault Gunboat (TIE Fighter)

Fans know that some of the best content from the Star Wars Universe comes from the extended universe -- and LEGO knows it too, based on their bestselling TIE Defender model. It's time for LEGO to re-target the demographic of adult Star Wars fans, men and women who grew up in that universe, and would love to share it by building themselves, and with their kids.

Enter the Assault Gunboat. If you know the TIE Defender, it's because you fought at least five battles with the Gunboat! The Cygnus Spaceworks Xg-1 Assault Gunboat is one of the most frequently flown ships in the Lucasarts hit "TIE Fighter," the first shielded ship you fly, and a mainstay of the later campaigns. It boasts a larger-than-normal warhead complement, twin laser, and twin ion cannons.

I haven't set aside the money to build this yet. If there's enough interest, I will happily do so. The model currently contains about 350 bricks.

This model boasts the same flexible wings, and usable warhead bays.

She folds for storage in the bays of your Star Destroyer, Assault Frigate, or Escort Carrier.

Don't miss the beam weapon hidden in the back...

...and look here for how it all comes together.