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Queen Gohma


   You open the final door, into the room guarded by the Deku Scrub Brothers. Filled with excitement, you charge forward, for this is the first boss you’ve fought! Your energy leaves, however when the room is empty. Filled with disappointment, you turn back to exit, when you realized a solid rock wall has been placed in front of the door. You try with all your might to move it, even hit it with a couple blows from your Kokiri Sword, but to no avail. You turn around and decide that since you can’t leave, you’ll explore some more. After walking for a while you decide to scan the room. You glance over a rock, stone pillar, giant yellow eye, another stone pillar, then freak out when you realize that the eye belongs to a giant spider-like creature. You scream and again run for the door, before you remember the door is blocked. You turn around, quivering, to face this huge, menacing creature that opposes you. Your fight with Queen Gohma has begun.

    This is a product I created for all of those Zelda fans out there, like myself. I hoped to capture the essence of the first Ocarina of Time boss as best I could. I feel I did quite well, but I guess thats for you guys to decide.

    If anyone has a problem with the darkness of my main image, I'm sorry. I added a dark tint to make it mor awesome. LEGO didn't accept my really dark image, so I brightened it up a bit.

    This set includes the Model of Queen Gohma and Link, as shown in the first picture, as well as a Heart Container, Gohma egg, Deku Nut, 3 Deku Seeds, Kokiri Sword, Deku Shield, Fairy Slingshot, and two Gohma Larvae.

    I wish to expound on Legend of Zelda Projects, but for now, this is the only one. It is no where near as awesome as Ragaru's projects (All Zelda fans should see his final battle set. Awesome!), and I would love a few tips on my project. I am not, however going to ask LEGO to create any bricks, so please do not ask me to do it.

    I hope you all love my project, and request your support. Even if you don't support it, at least support the cause and help any other Zelda project on their way to reviews. Thank you for viewing my project.

    May The Legend of Zelda Live Forever!