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Osgilliath Invaded


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Replay the battle of Osgilliath with the landing craft and walls to defend against the onslaught of orcs!  Have the orcs load up their landing craft and sneak across the river and surprise the soldiers of Gondor.  When all seems lost Faramir and an Ithilien ranger arrive as reinforcements.  Then an eerie shriek pierces the sky!  The Witch-King of Angmar arrives on his fell beast.  

Comes with western riverside wall.  In my other set, Ride of the Rohhirrum, the siege tower can go over the bridge.  Also includes armory, table, and bottles and glasses.  also includes the spot where Faramir runs behind the pillar and archers shoot the orcs as they come around the corner(Picture 13).  Gatehouse includes fully functioning gate.  Also includes western outer wall for when Faramir rides with the horsemen of Gondor, when they try to retake Osgilliath.  Includes two Gondorian boats and two orc boats.


Faramir (Ithilien ranger clothes)

Soldier of Gondor (Ithilien ranger)

2x Soldiers of Gondor

Orc Captain (Special Barad-Dur Black Uruk armor)

3x Mordor orcs (Special Barad-Dur Black Uruk armor)

Fell Beast

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