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Makuta Fanau, Ripper of Time


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The story behind this moc:

Years have passed and the era of the mask makers has long been forgotten. Knowing that he has been forgotten, he started pulling the strings of destiny from within the realm of shadows, eventually gaining an army's worth of supporters that he calls the Champions of Makuta. He even tried to pull the strings on any events, even small ones, that will benefit him. After being set free from the Shadow realm, he was quickly defeated by the heros of today, shattering his body and completely destroying his legs. But Makuta was not done yet, he escaped the confines of his body and, by using his original body, created a template that his champions used to modify and improve him. They created parts from scratch, melting pure gold for his armor, they even stole very high-tech technology to make his brand new body. Entering his new body, pistons and energy sources hummed to life. He easily swatted the heroes with no effort and went all over the world, corrupting the preserved masks of the toa, including the mask of creation. He manage to almost completely drain the mask of creation but he couldn't take any more power from it. Now, armed with his newfound powers and strength, he ripped a whole in the space-time continuum. He led his forces, both robotic and bio-organic, and charged the stronghold of Ekimu and Makuta, For Makuta Fanau wanted to harness the potential of his projects long perished by time. Did he end up winning in the end? The outcome was lost to time.

      Why I built this?

I originally made this for the Makuta building contest, at the end of gen. 2 Bionicle. One of the ideas behind this model was that it would focus more on action/play features while still including some aesthetics. But the action features came first, aesthetics second. The bottom half of Makuta Fanau was made from the idea of the legs of a spider and tail of a snake. You could say that it played off of the original Bionicle look. (if it looks like it can't stand up for long without falling, don't worry, it can stand up as long as it stays together)

     About this model:

-This model comes packed with action features including:

    -legs with foldout turrets

    -an arm with a flip-out cannon(stud-shooter)

    -a foldout cannon that comes out of the chest

    (including the obligatory function of the mask pop off)


Why I think this would be a good set:

-Lego never gave us a Makuta set to finish off the Bionicle Gen 2 line

-we have not received many quadruped sets in the entire existence of Bionicle

-made with play features in mind

-uses techniques that I considered to be more advanced

Part Count: To Be Announced

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