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Everywher iPad Cradle


This project is made for a range of different sized iPads, tablets or other similar devices. It can be used on any surface and can hang from your car seat’s head rest so that you can use it hands-free in the back of the car and maybe watch a movie or read a book. Customizable to your preferred angle size or type of headrest, it is very versatile. Every point is fully accessible; headphones, charger, volume, sleep button, and camera pointing both ways. Also, as you can see it is very strong. It can hold your device even when it’s upside down! I have tested it in a car many times and it doesn’t fall out even on windy roads.

Here is a list of the helpful components

(Labelled above)

  1. Rubber Band

A rubber band that keeps the Slider tight on the top of the device and creates better ease of access

  1. Clips

These pieces stop the device from sliding sideways or falling forwards and can be rotated as required

  1. Sliders

This section slides up and down to clamp on to the device and easily release it

  1. Feet

These can be altered to sit firmly on any surface and prop the whole project up

  1. Angle Changers

These small components can be pushed easily up and down to alter the angle of your device

  1. Props

This piece holds your device at a better angle while you are in the car so that it isn’t facing the floor

  1. Gripper

A small extra piece to help grip the Slider when fitting your device in

  1. Arm 1

Although it may be hard to see in the jumble of Technic it is one of the major components hooking under your car seat head rest. This arm is for smaller seats

  1. Arm 2

For bigger seats





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