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Narrow Gauge Railway


Behold my LEGO Narrow Gauge Railway project! I just built this model last night. It was inspired by my local train park, which I haven't visited in ages. This project was also inspired by the passenger cars that are pulled by steam locomotives at Greenfield Village.

The Narrow Gauge Railway project is 397 pieces. In this project, there are six minifigures: an engineer, a station master, a man, a woman, a boy, and a girl. Other items include: a steam locomotive, a tender, two passenger cars, eight pieces of 4m width track, a train station with a lifting roof, a portable ticket booth, and a board advertising for the Narrow Gauge Railway.

Thank you all so much for viewing and supporting this project! If you feel that something needs to be to be edited, added, or taken away in this project, give me your opinion in the comments, please. Have a good day! By cheeseinthepie. 4/4/2018

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