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American Ninja Warrior


American Ninja Warrior is a course which puts human strength to the limit. Many people try to defeat each level. Many do not succeed. In each level you have to go through a set of obstacles draining strength from your core, arms, and legs. Many professional athletes have tried to defeat the course but to no avail. Each course will have several different components to the full course. There have only been 2 people to defeat the whole course, which consists of 3 different levels.


This course features:                                                                                                                                              

3 men, 2 judges, 1 judge stand ,and 3 obstacles ( featuring the famous Warp Wall and 2 of my own creations modeled after the real obstacles  ).  I really enjoy the show so I decided to make a Lego set after it. I really enjoyed building my Lego set. Please vote and Follow.                                                      


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