Product Idea

Tesla Cybertruck

Hello LEGO Ideas!

This is the revamped version three of my minifigure scale Tesla Cybertruck model that has been worked on for many months. It includes: A 4 seater model of the truck, a Tesla Supercharger, and a Cyberquad. I'll go in depth with each one of the models here. I would also like to include a congratulations to BrickenNick and his incredible Cybertruck model here on Lego Ideas for achieving 10,000 supporters. 

The Cybertruck:
My Tesla Cybertruck can seat 4 figures in the main cabin, two in front and two in back. A removable roof and windshield allow for easy access into the cabin. There are three total removable pieces: the roof, windshield, and bed cover. (See image 4) 
The bed of the truck can fit approximately 24.5 cubic centimeters of storage when the cover is on. When the cover is removed, you can fit closer to 50 cubic centimeters easily, or one Cyberquad. 
The Cybertruck measures 19 cm in length, 6.5 cm in width, and 8.5 cm from the ground to top. It sits 2 cm from the ground, so the actual cabin is about 6.5 cm tall. Cybertruck is close to the size of 2020 Speed Champions sets, a little larger though. 
There are many details in this model, from its shaping techniques and smaller details like the interior. I have spent loads of time trying to make this look as good as possible, while also keeping play features. 

The Supercharger:
Not too much to report here, it's about 6 cm tall and features the typical Tesla hole in the center. It has a detachable hose to simulate charging the EV.

The Cyberquad is a small ATV that it coming as an accessory to the Cybertruck in a few years. I've built it here as well, and it can seat 1 figure comfortably, two at max. It uses many tricky techniques to achieve it's shaping, and took a while to figure out. I think it looks nice, but there's always room for improvement. When the bed cover is removed, this can fit snugly into the bed of the Cybertruck.

Leaving thoughts:
I'm incredibly proud of this model, it is my most impressive to date and my personal favorite. The Cybertruck is a perfect idea for Tesla/EV enthusiasts and LEGO fans alike. It has a rugged body for the kids to play with, and accurate shaping for the AFOLs. (Or reversed, depending on what you like) I really hope the Ideas community enjoys this as much as I have, and maybe one day, you'll get to build it yourselves. 

-waffle bricks