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Store Checkout


Hello LEGO Fans! This is the LEGO Store Checkout. This set contains of 675 bricks, counting the mini figures. Let's first start off with them. The first mini figure is an average male customer, the next is a child who really wants a toy, third is the cashier/manager. (He can be whatever you want him to be!) And the final is the Janitor with a broom and rolling paint brush. At the checkout, there is a little bank, keypad, a bagging area, as well as a screen showing how much you need to pay, and an cash register. I was going to add a sliding door, but the download wouldn't let me. There is also a sale inside the store with the "l" and "e" going together. Items on sale are toys, hats, and newspapers, as well as others. The male customer has 200 dollars (by the print of the money), as well as a shopping cart, and an apple, bread, and a carrot, which came from further inside the store.The flooring is checkered patterns, and the walls are brick. I would have added some stickers on, but the program doesn't have it.

In conclusion, I think that this would make an awesome set, because of the little details. This may even  get kids to want to go to the store!

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