Lego Clash of Clans

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Do you like Clash of Clans?! Do you like Lego?! This could be the perfect Lego set for you!!!!!!! Basically, my plan is to have separate "buildings" so that you can organize your "base". This game is based on the game "Clash of Clans" by SuperCell. If you like this, then please check out my other projects.

Town Hall 10--------------------------------------Air Defense 3---------Wizard Tower 1
Wizard Tower 7------------------------------------Barracks 9-----------------------Mortar 2
Elixer Storage 9------------------------------Elixer Collecter 7-----------------Gold Mine 10

Elixer Storage 9--------------------------Elixer Collecter 7---------------Gold Mine 10
Archer Tower 7-----------------------------Archer Queen Altar-------Barbarian King Altar
Army Camp 1----------------------------------Inferno Tower 1

Gold Storage 6----------------------------------------------------------Barracks 10