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Ted the Head


Allow me to introduce you to Ted the Head.  He is a sculpture modeled after my own head, and was one of my most challenging builds.  I originally intended the head to be all yellow, but I ran out of yellow bricks.  So I decided to make hair from black bricks!  But then I ran out of those.  Then I tried to make a hat with blue bricks, but ran out after the shade on the hat was made.  After that I finally finished the hat with white bricks, and I also added a nice T decal on it.  Hence the name, Ted the Head.  His chin was a lot of trouble also.  How do I make it the right size, but make it look like an actual human chin?  It took me about two days to finish this model.  A lot of people may think that is very short, but I did work long hours in order to get it done.

Let's get to 10,000!

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