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Lego Marsupilami


I am a fan since any young of the work of André FRANQUIN. Belgian french draftsman, creator among others of "gaston lagaffe". I admire this author. That 's why I wanted to be inspired by one of these most brillant and enigmatic creations the "Marsupilami".

This fantastic animal endowed with an incredible strength and with an infinite depth, seemed for the first time in 1952 in "spirou and fantasio". he is terribly charming with its mimes and its accrobaties. It is for these reasons that I wanted given to the Lego marsupilami a rather big freedom of movement. For example, his neck, thus its mouth are articulated, that his shoulders. Also I wished to make its hips and his tail.

The Marsupilami remains one of my favorite character of the universe of FRANQUIN. I hope that the idea and the realization of this Lego project will please you.  

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