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Classic Circus


The circus is in town!

This model reminds to a time when circuses were a big attraction.  Nowadays, they have to struggle for survival. A set could document the circus glamour of old times and give historical information.

The model includes many different artists with the equipment for their acts as well as some animals. Apart of the big top, there is an old styled site caravan with a nice skylight, window shutters and a completed furnishing. A small tractor can pull it. The big top includes more than 50 seats for spectators and a typical circus ring. The roof can be opened, so that you have acces to the inside. The red and white gives a classic look to the building and some golden and dark blue elements make it complete. There are also used some luminescent parts.

 A circus would be a nice addition for every Lego city and some good entertainment for many of your minifigures! You want the circus come to your Lego town?

Then, please support this project! Thanks!


For more impressions watch this video: