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Space Train

  What's it?
This is a starship consisting of vans, like a train. The first van is the pilot's cabin. The second is a van with a machine gun, in case of an attack by space pirates. The third van is used for cargo transportation. The fourth van is equipped with a manipulator that loads cargo into the last van. And the last van is the engine compartment.
  1. All cars are mobile relative to each other.
  2. In the second car, a machine gun is pushed out.
  3. In the third car, the cargo compartment opens.
  4. The fourth car has a mobile manipulator.
  5. There is a movable seat in the cockpit.
  This will be a great LEGO set because...
I believe that this will be a great LEGO set, because the person who buys this set will be able to swap vans and add their own, collected from Lego.

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